Project: Ecolands Kaeo

A Work in Progress Mission: The Ecolands project is a progressive transforming of a rundown grazing block into an energy efficient, carbon neutral, diversified land based production unit. Sustainable Land Management Design is being implemented as time and resources enable. Most earth works are completed with water storage and storm retention ponds in place and access tracks formed.

Many plantings have occurred with fruit orchards and timber forests being extended each year. Paddocks for livestock and open space are becoming more refined and maintained yearly. Regenerating native forest is being managed and worked to ensure a quality forest and ecological resource will be available to future generations. Pest management is on-going and is maintained at a level that local endemic Kauri snail populations are flourishing.

The eco-friendly self designed and built Ecoland house is still to be completed. Most materials were sourced from the farm or the local district. and the timber was milled on site and used in a rough sawn state. Rocks from the land have been included in the floor where possible to reduce the need for concrete and to store the suns heat. The house is dedicated to solar energy through design and solar panel modules. There is no grid power to site.

The household at present is approx 60% self supported in food and uses 90% renewable energy for electricity. An extensive garden is still being developed and after 5 years of effort "life" is now apparent in what was before, "dead" soil.

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