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Enviromate 100TM – when a bait station takes a gigantic technological leap forward and goes automatic to target different pest species at the same time for up to 49 days without human intervention – increasing operator serviceable area six fold; it’s a game changer.

EnviroMate 100TM  can be utilised simply as a programmable pre-feeder and / or a poison dispensing bait station. The operating system has proven successful in targeting possums, rats and mice, stoats, weasels and wild cats in forests and farmed land. It has been developed over a period of years as a tool to for :

1/ rapid initial population knockdown

2/ for minimal cost units can remain in the field to maintain low - nil populations.

3/ economic boundary control to prevent re-infestation.

EnviroMate 100TM   is the safest, most flexible, most effective and most economical pest control tool on the market today. (….read more)


Our Other services relating to land care, land use and design:

Pest Control

 enviroMate100 bait station supplier, pest control services and training.  Eco-land Ltd with the help of Pestknow Ltd have developed an innovative automatic self feeding pest pre feed or poisoning device [...read more] Guaranteed targeting of possums rats mice with options for stoat and weasel control. Perfect knock down and maintenance tool reducing labour, materials and enabling up to 49 days between servicing.


Planting and

Since 1999 Eco-land ltd has successfully physically planted 1 million native plants. Our planting work includes Riparian, Revegetating & Restoration, Indigenous Forestry, Productive Landscapes [...read more]

Planning, Design, Management services

Ecoland offers planning and design for sustainable land management [...read more]