enviroMate 100TM (the Game Changer)                            

 In a “nut shell”……….

          It is a durable, reusable bait station that has 7 dispensing compartments.

          It is a combined bait station and poison dispensing trap that is automatic and programmable.

          It is a pest control tool that greatly improves labour efficiency and toxin economics.

          It is a pest control tool that greatly improves catch rates be it in high or low density areas.

          It is a pest control tool that is highly efficient and highly effective.


Functions of EnviroMate 100TM


  • Lure delivery

  • Toxin delivery

  • Multiple species lure and toxin delivery

  • Presence and absence monitoring

  • All weather delivery

  • Controlled targets

  • Can pre-set ( program )for  7 new baits to be automatically delivered at maxium intervals of once week for 7 weeks ( ie maximum range programmable is 49 days)


Management options very flexible


  • A standalone device for pest control using pre-feed and poison toxins.

  • A standalone device for pest control using just poison toxins for an extended period such as in boundary control work.

  • To work concurrently, with-out toxin, alongside existing trap networks to identify pest presence or absence.

  • To work as a multi-pest pre-feeder and poisoning device simultaneously over an extended period.



A carton of 12  enviroMate 100TM   -  $1656.00 (GST incl ) per carton. We require a 50% deposit when order confirmed and the rest paid at delivery. For bulk orders of 100 or more units please email




Prices valid until  30 June 2019

Prices includes GST.

Freight can be arranged at cost

Once your order has been received we will send you an order confirmation.

Payment is to be made at the time of confirming order.

The supply of goods is subject to availability.

We warrant the goods to be sound and operational at the time of dispatch.

We offer a 12 month operational and manufacture fault warranty, subject to purchaser having undertaken the short training course offered.

Training is provided to ensure most elements leading to misuse can be avoided. 
Training also provides users with "best practice operational standards" to ensure clean, safe and effective pest control is achieved.  ( see Training ….)

No warranty will be offered in the event of misuse. 

Product support is available during standard working hours.

enviroMate 100TM is supplied by sole distributor Eco-land Ltd


For order inquiries or pricing information

EMAIL : shane@ecoland.co.nz

TEL : 021 326563